Peru – Sacsayhuaman & Pisac


On our third and final day in Cusco we ventured outside the city. We grabbed a taxi and made our way to Sacsayhuaman, amazing Inca ruins just outside Cusco. A large area containing some of the largest and most impressive stones tightly fit together. We made our way through a pitch black winding cave, and the kids slid down a huge rock slide worn smooth by centuries of bottoms.

After Sacsayhuamen we headed to Pisac. Pisac is a village about an hour from Cusco. It also has some grand Inca ruins, but we went there for its main draw…the market. We went on Sunday when the market is biggest, but didn’t go until late afternoon so we only got to shop the last couple hours of the afternoon. It was fabulous though, and we found plenty of ceramics, weavings, knitted hats, art, jewelry and other items. We were having too much fun shopping to take pictures…

On our way back to Cusco we stopped at the Ccochahuasi Animal Sanctuary. It was pretty amazing. It houses a large array of rescued animals. They had a bear, llamas, a cougar, monkeys, snakes, giant condors, parrots, and macaws. And, they were all just right there as we walked through. The bear wasn’t in a cage, but rather playing just 20 feet from us. The condors, which are enormous, flew just feet over our heads. It was awesome. A great stop.

And…that was it. Twelve wonderful days in Peru. We had seen Lima and the Sacred Valley. From the Pacific Ocean to the Andes Mountains. Inca ruins, cathedrals, and cobblestone streets. The people were wonderful, the food delicious, and the altitude high. We also had taken cooking classes, shopped, and flirted with live animals. What a marvelous place to have vacationed as a family. Until the next adventure…hasta luego!



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