Peru – Lima


After a leisurely day walking around Barranco, we set out the next day for the historic center of Lima. Our guesthouse called us a cab, and the five of us crammed in. Cabs are easy and cheap to find in Lima, and prices negotiable. Also, none of them minded if we crammed four people in the backseat…unless you called ahead to a reputable taxi service which required us to use two cabs or a van.

So we were off, getting a taste of Lima traffic and city sites for the first time. We walked around the Plaza de Armas, watched the changing of the guard in front of the Governors Palace, toured the San Francisco Church complete with catacombs, and walked through the Cathedral of Lima. We also shopped a bit, explored the area, and ate a nice lunch. The Plaza is a must see of course, and the San Francisco Church did not disappoint.


But the best thing we saw in Lima was without a doubt the Circuito Magico del Agua, or Magic Water Show. We went our first night and enjoyed it so much went back our second night. There are show times, which you don’t want to miss, but even in between the fountains are lit up and dancing to music. It is really amazing. The timed show blew us away.

We discovered a brewery not far from us in Barranco called the Barranco Beer Company and ate there both nights. Good beer, pisco sour and a purple corn pizza with a Peruvian twist. A good two days in Lima…next we head into the Sacred Valley!


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