Venice…more days


After some wonderful and needed sleep, we were out the door at 9 on day two.  I had booked the Secret Itineraries tour at the Doge’s palace for 9:55.  By now we can traverse Venice pretty easily from our apt to St. Marks Square.  At 9 the city is still quiet.  Shop owners are sweeping and opening, trash collectors are picking up trash,  and the day trippers aren’t here yet.  Most tourists don’t stay on the islands, and cruise ships unload thousands each day…so the mornings and late evenings are wonderful.

For over a thousand years, Venice was its own republic and the Doge’s palace was the seat of government.  Our tour guide, in her lovely Italian accent, gave us some fascinating history of the government and of the famous Casanova who escaped from the prison also housed there.  We also crossed the famous Bridge of Sighs.

After two hours we finished our tour and the Palace and headed home.  We picked up pizza and yes, more gelato on the way and rested waiting for the Wimbledon finals to begin.  Later I wandered a bit.

Our last night in Venice we enjoyed relaxing and playing Spades. The next morning Hailey and I strolled around a bit and watched the boats on the Grand Canal for awhile. It had been a short few days but oh I loved Venice. The quiet alleys in the mornings before the tourists arrive, the gondolas, the gelato, the shops. Everyone should experience Venice at least once.

In the afternoon we caught a train to Rome. It was nicer than the one from Innsbruck, and shorter. Onward to our last city!

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